an introduction to this introduction

October 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Or, perhaps more accurate, an introduction to the author.

My life seems to revolve around the letter A. My name is Alexa. I was born in April. I am from Alabama. My boyfriend’s name is Alec. And my passion is Art. My initials even correspond to Art History. I studied the Visual Arts for five years before heading to a well-ranked Liberal Arts college. I majored in Art History, successfully completing and earning High Honors on my thesis during my senior year. This by no means makes me an expert on art, but I do feel that I have a foundation solid enough to intelligently discuss works of art, artists, and exhibitions within the public realm of this blog.

Following my graduation, I was faced with deciding what to do during my year off from school. I felt I had exhausted my art resources in Alabama, so my thoughts turned to new cities with new museums. With California being too far away and NYC being… too NYC, my eye fell on our nation’s capitol. Abundant in art museums, galleries, studio coops, and thriving art communities, DC was the perfect place to spend a year wandering around seeing what there is to see. I have been here four months now and was inspired by a friend (whose blog on art in Paris can be found here: to start a critical blog focusing on the art world of Washington, DC. I intend to retrace my steps through the exhibitions I have already during my time here, and I will make posts about new exhibitions, gallery openings, and artist talks as they happen. I blog in the hopes that my critical eye and critical writing skills will stay sharp during my brief vacation from the brilliant world of academia.

So, here we go!



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