change is good

January 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

As you may have noticed, my attempt at a regularly updated art blog has failed. From now on this blog will have a larger scope, although it will return to its initial art-centered theme for future entries. I find myself needing an outlet. There are things that I need to express, need to think through or analyze outside of my head. I’ve never really been one to censor myself, but I’ve realized over the years of my short, but dynamic, existence that there are thoughts that I perhaps should not discuss directly with others. Mainly I fear that there is no “happy end” to those conversations, even with the ones I love most. I fear I will offend them to the extent that our relationship will be forever handicapped. I also feel shame for thinking some things that I do, so regret or embarrassment follows conversations where I am open and honest fully. So I thought this blog would be an appropriate alternative. I am not forcing anyone into reading this, so I won’t beat myself up for offending you. I am writing these entries to keep from exploding and to save the man I live with from having to confront these topics himself. Lord knows he has enough to deal with.


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