Flea Market Finds

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Flea market finds from my Philadelphia trip!

adorable even when they’re out of focus…


Create-A-Day: Creating a Study Space

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Graduate school is officially starting this week, so I worked most of Sunday transforming my art room (our second bedroom) into a study space. Thus far I haven’t used it, but it does look better than it did. It’s much simpler than it was (which means the closet is now packed to the brim) and I’m hoping I’ll want to use it more often now.


we’ll see what happens….

Create-A-Day: Hurricane Irene

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The first major hurricane in many years hit DC this weekend. I hate to say I was underwhelmed by the storm when I know it hit other places much harder, but I was kind of expecting something more…. serious. Basically we just got some wind and a lot of rain. We walked down to the river this morning to see if it was high, but despite the brown color of the water (typical during periods of a lot of rain), the river was actually lower than the last time we saw it. The only thing I can think of is that it’s flooded out somewhere, so now the river is low? I don’t know. Not a river/rocket scientist. I didn’t take any pictures of it, but I did get some fun shots on the way back home.

First up– MUSHROOMS! Huge mushroom clusters are popping up everywhere in DC’s neighborhoods as a result of all the rain we’ve been having. I was surprised and excited to see a mushroom circle over by a soccer field. It’s sooo weird that they grow like that naturally! I think some people call them fairy circles…

The mushrooms looked soooo yummy and they were HUGE. A single large mushroom out of this cluster had a diameter the length of my foot. I wish they were edible. I bought some mushrooms to saute and put in a feta and tomato pasta, but I didn’t cook it in time and now the mushrooms are bad. 😦

I also took some miscellaneous photos once alec pulled me away from the mushrooms…

aaaaand my favorite photo:

a large branch and part of the trunk tore off this tree during the storm, and I was struck by how beautiful the colors were of the wood beneath the bark. I really hope the tree will be okay.

Philadelphia: The Rest

August 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

Some of these photos are better than others, but again, I was in a bit of a rush. Next time I promise I’ll do better!

red lamp post.

I absolutely love this shutters, from their design to their color, but I couldn't get a great picture of them. I do like the reflections in the windows, though.

I love the light coming through the trees. so beautiful.

I don't like this photo at all, but I lovelovelove the building.


Philadelphia: Introducing the Doors

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I took my first trip to Philly this weekend to see a good friend of mine from high school. She’s at an interesting period in her life, between cities, between relationships, between academic degrees. Anyway, it rained a lot so I didn’t have many opportunities to take photos of the city. The only photos I did take I took on my 15 block walk to Missy’s apartment from the hostel where I stayed. She was going to make me breakfast and delicious coffee, so I was trying to hurry. I’ll go back though, so I’m not too worried about my lack of good photos. Anyway, here are the doors! I know doors are kind of a boring subject matter to most people, but I love doors. I love their wear and tear, I love what they stand for (security, independence, home), and I love how the style of doors change from city to city. Faces of houses, faces of families, faces of communities. I love doors.

next stop: Oz!

Emerald Sweater: Another Photo

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an alternative to the other photo

Create-A-Day: Emerald Green Sweater

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My most recent etsy purchase and one of my favorites, next to the boots, is this emerald green sweater. Absolutely love it! Perfect style that says “vintage” but still works as modern wear. I would like more A-line and pencil skirts, and maybe some more pairs of tights as well. I’ve gained so much weight, my old jeans don’t fit and my new jeans fit weird. So I’m basically ruling out jeans for now, which is sad, but I don’t know what else to do. Maybe jeggings? They’d be great to fly in, but I need a pair I can try on before I buy. I also need to get the heels fixed on my absolute favorite boots, but I haven’t had a chance to take them to the shoe cobblers. Hah, I said “shoe cobblers”. Anyway, all in preparation for going to grad school, where I hope my clothes will make me appear mature, put-together, thoughtful, and confident. Oh, appearances, appearances.

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