Grandma’s Pearls: The Photo

August 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

A picture says a thousand words. I have a picture for you, and I actually have a thousand words (ish) to write, but I don’t have time tomorrow. Jetsetting to Portland, Maine in the morning. How glamorous. I’m moderately excited about the freshest lobster on the east coast, and I suppose lighthouses and rocky shores might be nice to see, but mostly I’m just looking forward to some sweet, quiet alone time. I love the ocean, more than anything. Love love love. Anyway, my point in mentioning the trip is that I do not currently have time to write my thousandish words on this photo, or the subject of this photo I should say. Or I should really say the thoughts that inspired this photo. Already well on my way to a thousand words just talking about writing a thousand words. Sounds like I’m ready for grad school! ANYWAY, I don’t have time to write, so I will leave you with the photo and I will be unable to post any new entries until Sundayish. Don’t worry, I won’t forget.

Grandma’s Pearls: The Photo


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