Create-A-Day: Maine

August 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

So this weekend I spent about 20 hours in Portland, Maine for work. The flight was short enough to be comfortable and long enough to still be productive (I read about 70 pages in a book about the Bohemians in Paris during the late 19th, early 20th centuries). I find it unlikely that I’ll ever visit there again. The city itself is harder to navigate than Atlanta (and that’s saying something), the museum is unimpressive, and the people are grubby in appearance and slow-moving. The more I travel, the more I love living in DC. I love the speediness and efficiency of the locals (when not slowed down by cow-like tourists en masse). I like that people don’t force their smarmy “jesus loves you” attitude on you in DC, like they do in Portland. And I love the aesthetics of DC. There is such a unique texture here, and a history you can see in the buildings, streets, parks, people. I love DC and I love it more every time I leave it. As a whole people are clean and well-dressed as well. And few people smoke here anymore. All pluses for DC, all lacking in Portland.

Anyway, the event itself was held at a woman’s home which would easily be a multi-million dollar home on the outskirts of DC, were it here instead of Maine. Large, regal, sprawling, and situated on acres upon acres of garden, apple orchard, and meadow. I enjoyed sitting outside under the oak tree listening to the rustle of the wind through the leaves and gazing out over the meadow, but I wouldn’t move to Maine for it.

this is my favorite photo.



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