Create-A-Day: For the Love of Etsy

August 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’ve had an infatuation with Etsy for a while now and I often spend hours just looking at things on their website. I just love that individual people are selling items that they’ve either made or found or bought themselves, and that individuals are profiting from those sales. It’s such a wonderful, clean-feeling exchange, kind of like a yard-sale but classier somehow. I can’t decide which I enjoy more, the vintage items or the handmade. I find that each etsy store has a certain character, a specific texture uniquely representative of its individual creator. Items from all over the world, from as far back as the 1700s can be found there. Items made by children and grandparents, by Australians and Russians, blind people and deaf people. It’s like looking at a physical residue of the world.

cleo insists on getting in pictures. sometimes it's cute, sometimes it's obnoxious.

I’ve been trying to prepare for DC’s horrid winter. I know it’s coming, even though it’s still hitting 100 degrees every day (at least in the heat index). I remember how abruptly it came on last year. One week it was summer, then there was a week or two of fall (literally), then winter struck without much of an adjustment period. I froze my ass off. At work I froze, at home I froze, outside I most certainly froze. So I’m stocking up this winter. I’ve got lots of vintage sweaters picked out from etsy, each less than $20 to accommodate my graduate student budget. I have also been looking at boots, lots and lots of boots. Low heels are a must (my over-the-knee boots have a heel that’s too high to wear for too long) and real leather is a plus! I just got a pair of boots in the mail from a seller in Nebraska. The boots are super comfortable, have a great heel, and are 100% leather. They’re two-toned which is interesting, and they have a button which I LOVE. I’ll be rocking them with tights. …as soon as I buy some tights. I’ll be going for some cozy, thick knit tights this year. No more thin stockings! They don’t stand up to the frigid winds of Washington.

I especially like this seller because she sent me a postcard from Nebraska as a thank you card, tucked into the box with my boots. The postcard was just so perfect because it emphasizes how etsy connects people not only across the US, but across the big pond as well. A little handbag I got last year was from France, for example. It’s just very cool to me, especially because I know my money is going straight to the seller and not being split through different company costs and corporate crap. I get a good product and the seller gets a good price. Everyone wins! And I love having vintage stuff. Period.


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