Create-A-Day: A Day Behind

August 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

I know I’m a day behind, but I’m trying to catch up! It’s been a surprisingly busy weekend for me, especially considering I didn’t travel. It’s weird not traveling because I keep feeling like I’m late for my flight or that I haven’t fully booked my trip. Raise your hand if you travel too much!

Speaking of traveling, this is an older photo but I edited it tonight which counts as doing something creative. This wasn’t edited too much, mostly I just took out some tree limbs to clean up the edges of the image. Burr and Burton Academy in Vermont. My absolute worst trip to far, I think, even worse than when I had to spend the night in the O’Hare airport. Everything went wrong with this trip and the weather was downright miserable. It was in the 5o’s the whole time, my hotel room didn’t have heat or a tv remote, and all I had were pumps, ballet flats, and a cardigan, none of which were useful or practical in Vermont. Fail. Anyway, I really love this picture. It’s so forbidding… just like the Academy (reference to the academic world, not the academy itself, which used to be called “Burr and Burton Seminary” but went secular a few years ago, to the class of 1961’s disapproval).


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