Create-A-Day: Drawing Day

August 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

This past weekend I did not travel. Instead, I slept in on Saturday and, despite the rainy weather, headed to the Corcoran Gallery. During the summer they have “Free Summer Saturdays,” along with special events that rotate out. Sometimes they have chalk drawing on the sidewalk, other times they have kids painting sessions, and twice a month they have a live model come in for a free drawing session in the atrium. I accidentally took home a pencil (they provide drawing materials, but I brought my own), which I feel bad about, but I enjoyed myself despite the theft.

I was walking around looking at other people’s drawings (and eavesdropping a bit….) and had a semi-epiphany. Whenever I hear about people going to art school, I always think to myself “wow, they must be really great sketchers”. then I think “wait…. I went to art school too….”. I don’t remember my teachers telling us any secrets or even any formula for success in drawing. I think the difference art school makes is that you draw.alot.everyday. The more you draw, the better you get. The more in touch you are with your hand, the more closely your eye looks at your object–these are what makes a good drawer, not tricks or strategy. I was never taught to use my pencil to get the proportions of my object either. My teachers must have mentioned it at some point, but I think people look dumb doing it so I ignored them. I just eyeball my proportions and I *think* things turn out mostly balanced. And we all know not looking dumb when you’re drawing is the most important thing… Anyway, the model reminded me of buddha (in a good way). Here’s what I did!

loosening up

pose one.

pose two.


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