Create-A-Day: Let’s Get Cozy

September 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’ve been stocking up on sweaters and boots from Etsy (and elsewhere) in preparation for what I know will be a long winter. Winters in the South last about four months, from November to February. Of course, “winter” there means in the 40s, although we do have a few days a year that get down into the 30s or even the 20s. But for the most part, winter is mild. Despite the summers being so similar (the term “hot as balls,” as crass as it sounds, doesn’t seem to cover it…), DC winters are quite different than the southern season. Winters here in DC start in October and go pretty much through April. And they’re much, much colder. Admittedly, they’re not as bad as upstate New York winters and certainly aren’t as bad as Michigan winters, but for a southern girl, it’s hard not to get uncomfortable as the 20 degree days add up.

I’ve already bought a new winter coat off Etsy. It’s a tweed/wool (is there a difference between the two?) blend and is a khaki color, so hopefully it won’t show as much pet hair as my black and blue peacoats did. It’s also longer, falling down to mid-calf, so hopefully that will help protect me from the wind. Did I mention the wind? DC winters *might* not be so bad, but when you add in the 18mph gusts, they’re downright painful. Strict cold, I think I could handle, but the wind pierces your bones with cold. I also plan to get the snaps reattached to my down coat. It’s a bright blue with black piping and huge black buttons, and it goes down to my knees. I like down coats because they warm up to my body faster than silk-lined wool coats. So, sometime, I’ll make it to the tailor’s to get the snaps sewn back on so I can wear it this winter. All my scarfs are ready to go, but I will need to invest in some more pairs of socks and maybe a couple more pairs of jeans (or wool trousers for work). And I need to take my favorite pair of boots to the cobblers (my mother’s term…) to put new heels on. Yay. All on a grad student’s budget! I’ll make it work. I saved up a few dollars since my birthday in preparation for graduate school, but now that I have it saved I really don’t want to touch it. So I’m just going to try and be as frugal as possible (while buying warm clothes, thick tights, and extra wool socks). Good thing I learned to bargain shop from my grandmother!

Here are my latest cozy purchases from Etsy (each was less than $20 including shipping and handling!):

cleo just loves getting in my pictures. I was a bit on the fence about this sweater because it's and fuzzy.....but it's cute and cozy. the fit is a bit 80's in that the shoulders are broad, but it's not worth sending it back over that. the color is really cute too.

this sweater is a bit too big, but I kind of like cozying up in an oversized sweater. it's a lovely color and the material is really soft, so I think it'll be great for sitting in a freezing seminar classroom for 2.5 hours.

I don't normally wear stripes (in fact, I can't recall owning anything with stripes besides a very subtle pinstripe trouser), but the pattern on this sweater is really interesting. plus vertical stripes are significantly more flattering than horizontal stripes (why don't designers understand this?!), so I figure I can work this sweater without looking too chubby (although I do look a tad chubby...). and the sleeves are the perfect length!


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