Happy Halloween

October 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated. october hasn’t been the easiest month for me, but I’m learning a lot and I think I’m growing up by the day. it’s tough going though, and as usual I’m learning things the hard way. alas. anyway, I’ve done well with trying to be creative this month, with special thanks to my new iphone 4S. I’ll be honest… I bought it for the camera. it’s just so easy to get decent photos without having to carry around a big camera now!

our local grocery store isn't fantastic, but the apples just looked gorgeous! I took home four golden delicious apples, two yellow and two green. yum!

I made chocolate frogs with peanut butter filling to bring to work for our halloween party. I'm a terrible cook, so it was nice having a four ingredient recipe where all I had to do was microwave, stir, and pour! it's from the harry potter cookbook. naturally.

I also carved a pumpkin for a pumpkin decorating contest at the halloween party at work. I lost in all four categories, but I'm getting used to not being much a winner so it's okay. carving the pumpkin was really therapeutic.

I wrapped the wings almost the whole way around the pumpkin. they were really fun to carve!

i carved "happy hOWLoween!" across the top. it was alec's idea, because the best I could come up with was "have a hoot!" which seemed kind of....lame. hah, anyway, I liked alec's better.


talon detail! rawr. I mean... hoooot.

yeah, I’m definitely impressed with the new iphone camera. besides cropping, these are all straight out of the camera!

don’t forget the toasted pumpkin seeds!

it was my first time carving a pumpkin without my family, which I guess seems weird, but since I left for college (maybe even before that… because in high school I remember a year or two when we didn’t have a christmas tree) I just haven’t been on the ball with holidays. basically by the time I wrap my head around the holiday already being here, it’s already gone! so this year, I’m trying to be better about “getting with the holidays,” or whatever you want to call it (keeping up with the jones’s…?). admittedly, I only carved a pumpkin because work gave me a pumpkin for free, but the chocolate frogs I was planning on making. I bought the frog molds for the last harry potter film because I went to a pre-midnight-premier party, but the molds didn’t ship out in time. anyway, everyone at work loved them so I may make them again for christmas. I’m not going home for thanksgiving, and I don’t think alec is planning on it (we’ve had trouble sitting down and talking about when we’re going home and for how long), so I made us a dinner reservation at BLT Steak in DC on the day before thanksgiving. we’ve talked about going before, but life has been pretty busy. we really love gordon ramsay, so eating at one of his restaurants is pretty exciting. I’m fully prepared to drop a hundred bucks on the meal, so hopefully alec won’t mind I made dinner reservations instead of lunch.

I think my mom was the one who pushed holidays in our family. dad gets pretty grumpy around christmas time, but he used to enjoy scaring children when I was little. I think over time mom got tired of being the only one excited about decorating for holidays and just let it go, and the rest of us didn’t really notice. she’s in a better place now that they live up by my grandmother, because grandmother gets super excited about decorating and could probably use the extra helping hands. it was hard for me when I started the pumpkin because I’ve never done it without my mom there, and we haven’t carved pumpkins as a family in probably ten years. there’s definitely an order of operations there, and I tried my best to remember what all to do. I did well on everything except the pumpkin seeds, which are entirely too chewy to be fun to eat. there’s always next year, eh?

I’ve thought about getting a christmas tree. I won’t be here for christmas, but it would be nice to have one in the time leading up to when we leave to go home. there were a few years when as a family we would go chop down our own tree after picking the perfect one out of acres of evergreens. it was kind of miserable because of the cold weather and the hiking around and the arguing and the manual labor, but when you got some hot chocolate and loaded up the tree on top of the car, it was totally worth it! the downside of us getting a christmas tree now is that we just don’t have anything for it–we’d have to start totally from scratch. I don’t have string lights, I don’t have any decorations or ornaments, I don’t have a tree skirt or a stand. so that’s kind of a downer, because that’s a lot of money to spend when I don’t know if I’ll have the space to store those things where ever I’m living next year. gotta think about that, you know? plus we’d have to find the time to go and alec is insanely busy at work right now. his company is moving offices (to a much much bigger office, basically they bought an entire floor of an office building a few blocks away from the old office) for the first time in 11 years. he’s been staying late at work for the last week, and then he’s working all weekend setting things up at the new office after they moved all the computers on friday. so he’s going to be really busy getting everyone set up in the new space for the next few weeks at least. I’m not sure how long it will take until things go back to normal for him. it’s so funny because this is the first weekend I’ve been home since my last work trip of the year, and of course alec is spending the weekend at work. such is life, right?

I’ve seen a number of tutorials online that show how to make flowers out of tree leaves, so I might try that for a fall decoration, but it’s been such a wet month (actually it’s SNOWING right now. in DC. in october. insanity) I’m going to have to wait until the leaves dry out before I can go collect them. I guess decorations aren’t going to dramatically change my home, but I think a christmas tree would help since I’m going to be home for a much shorter time than alec. he’s planning on going down for over a week, which means I’ll be here by myself for a few days (or more), so it might be nice to have a christmas tree to enjoy. or maybe I’m just compensating for something or trying to distract myself from my current problems. who knows! at the very least, I hope you enjoyed the photos!


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