Unfinished Business

January 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

I forgot to post a picture of the finished painting I made for my aunt for Christmas. I’m not super happy with how the hat and shirt came out, but I was out of time, so I did the best I could.

She seemed to like it, so that’s good. I can’t remember the dimensions exactly, but I think it’s 20″ x 16″? Ish? The one I made for my parents is bigger by about 5 inches (width and height).

Unrelated, I talked to the registrar at GWU, and apparently I don’t have to declare my status change. I just register for 2 courses, which will put me at part-time. So that’s good, or at least easy. Also, I found out that registration for summer courses start at the end of March, so that makes for somewhat awkward timing since the fellowship I applied for (and have no chance of getting, but for some reason this little flicker of hope persists) won’t be awarded until April. I wasn’t told that I got a fellowship from GWU until May, so the timing all around is just bad bad bad. BUT there are two sessions for the summer, one that starts in May and one that starts in July, so technically I guess I could wait until the second session? I think that sounds logical, I guess. I’d be taking Museum Studies courses (no Art History graduate courses are offered over the summer), only two of which are offered in the second summer session. They’re both interesting enough and they’re both offered only on evenings, so that would work out perfectly! Huh, maybe this all will work out… One is Museum Fundraising, which I definitely should take, and the other is “MaterialCultureExploringObject”. No idea what that means, but Museum Studies classes are supposed to be pretty easy, so whatevs.

Now, the ultra-downside is that summer courses have to be paid for in three payments, April, May, and June. The total cost for two summer courses is $7,410. Obviously I don’t have that kind of money and I’m not sure I can get the student loans I’ll need in time to pay for the courses. Time to talk to the financial aid office, I guess! Even though I can’t pay up front for these courses, when I’m working full-time I’ll be able to start paying off my loans before I’m even out of school! So that’s awesome. Hopefully $200/mo will make a difference in that 50 grand… And of course I’ll have a lot more extra cash when I’m single because I’ll be back on my microwavable tv dinner diet and I’ll never go out! Hooray! Hooray. hooray.

The trick is to stay positive and keep on top of things. That’s what I’m doing. I’m even submitting one of my papers from this past semester to a symposium. I never know what my chances are of getting anything anymore. I just feel like I don’t know the quality of my own work or the appeal of my resume. It’s frustrating constantly wondering if you’re just a big fish in a small pond. And it’s super frustrating not knowing what I’ll be doing or where I’ll be living in the next sixth months. I don’t like feeling rushed and I don’t like being unable to make definite plans for the future. I guess technically I have two sets of plans, but I don’t like that I’ll have to make plans for both (example, getting student loans for summer courses without knowing if I’ll actually need to take summer courses) without knowing which one will be the real plan that I follow through with. Urghs dergs, my friends. Urghs dergs.


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