Create-A-Day: Photo/Hour

January 5, 2012 § 3 Comments

8:00AM: waiting for coffee to brew after alec left for work

9:00AM: walkies with cleo. she gets super-excited about her walks!

10:00AM: watched US Marshals and DC police in bulletproof vests arrest a guy in the house across the street (the guy who was arrested is against the silver car in the bottom right corner)

11:00AM: drank all my coffee. retired to the bedroom.

12:00PM: lunch! my favorite cereal (I never got sugary cereals as a kid, so I really love somewhat bland breakfast foods).

1:00PM: back in bed, relaxing by snuggling with my kitty!

2:00PM: first workout in ages! I did a pilates/yoga routine I found on netflix.

3:00PM: time for more coffee. I love my keurig so much! currently drinking dunkin donuts dark roast.

4:00PM: snack time! naked left-over pasta with a little butter, olive oil, salt, pepper, and my favorite cheese — parmesan! delicious.

5:00PM: laundry. nitelite was so bored watching me that she fell asleep.

6:00PM: getting ready to go meet alec downtown for dinner. nothing says january like flannel!

7:00PM: cheese, tomato, and bacon panini with turkey chili (=yum)! alec got some kind of chipotle chicken panini.

8:00PM: home in time for a beer and 2hrs of Bones! perfect end to a pretty good day.

most of these photos were SOOC because I’m trying to really learn how to use my camera to get good photos. some of these aren’t great, but I really like all of them but the last one. there just isn’t an original way to photograph a beer bottle. it’s all been done. anyway, I hope you enjoyed the break from long monologues of text! I really enjoyed this exercise and hopefully I’ll find more time to take photos in the near future. things are about to get really busy, though. today was basically my last day of “vacation” since next week I start my internship and then the following week school FINALLY starts. not so you’d notice, but I can’t wait for school start. I forget how bored I get when I’m not in school, and I really love having a reason to constantly be thinking about the next thing I have to do, the next thing I have to color-code on my calendar, the next thing I get to ponder on my train ride home. I know I bitch and moan about school, but I really do love it. it’s a kind of stimulation I simply don’t get anywhere else!


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