January 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’ve met with my advisor and I’ve started my internship, so I’m well on my way to forming an official plan for 2012. My advisor was really understanding about my financial situation (which was a relief!) and he said he would try to keep an ear out for any funding opportunities, but he couldn’t give me a definite answer on whether funding would or would not be available. He said he would check with the graduate school to see if I would be able to keep my current fellowship or not, so there’s still hope I suppose. If I don’t go back to full-time at work, though, I’m going to have to take out about $10k to help cover rent. BUT he said I’m doing really well in school, so it’s likely that I’ll be considered for more funding than I have currently. So there’s still hope, but I can’t rely on hope so I’m going to go ahead and follow-through with a plan based on going down to part-time at school. I’ll need to apply pretty son for $7k in loans to cover two summer courses, since the full payment of tuition is due May 21st. I’ll register for summer courses in March. If things turn in my favor, then I can withdraw from the courses and get my tuition payments reimbursed, which I can then apply to school in the fall (I think. I may just have to cancel the loan… not sure). Guess I need more details! But I have some wiggle room for now, so I’ll get to it. It’s on my list.

I started my internship this past week and I have to admit I’m not super excited about it. I’m not really learning anything. Mostly I just sit around doing nothing at the gallery, which I hate. But maybe my resume needs it…  and it’s only until May. Couldn’t I tough it out? Sigh. I suppose I should. Between you and me, though, it feels like I’m wasting my time. It’s only four months. I should just stick it out.

My advisor also said not to worry about keeping my concentration in Museum Training, which means I won’t need to do an internship for credit next year. This is good for two reasons. One: internships for credit are 20 hours per week, so I’ll have a lot more free time without doing an internship! Two: he said it would be better to take more courses because it will expand my knowledge while improving my research and writing skills. Woot! I’m glad I talked to him, he was really helpful. I also asked him about writing a thesis and he said I don’t need to write one. He said to treat my Qualifying Paper as my thesis, to try and get as much original research in it as possible, and that will be enough for my PhD applications.

So, my to do list:

January: wait to hear if I’m a semi-finalist for the fellowship

February: apply for loans for two summer courses;

email BVB about taking her undergrad seminar for graduate credit;

get ready for the show I’m curating at C102

March: register for summer courses;

find out about registering for summer language courses;

open C102 show (!!)

April: finish up internship;

figure out something for C102 summer shows

prepare my Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts seminar paper as my Qualifying Paper

May: end internship;

end classes;

go back to work full-time;

start summer course 1;

start language course 1;

start seriously looking for apartments

June: finish up summer course 1;

start language course 2;

move into new apartment

Hopefully my parents can come up to help me move. They’re travelling in June anyway, so it would be great if they could head just a bit farther north to add DC to their list of stops! Plus I can’t move my furniture on my own. I have alternatives, of course, because Two Men and a Truck charge something like $60 an hour and really all I would need is for them to move a few of my heaviest items. Shouldn’t take too long at all!

I always feel better when I have answers, know my options, and can make a tentative plan of action. We’ll see what happens!


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