Grow Up and Stop Whining

January 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Got my rejection letter today for the fellowship I applied to. Coincidentally, I also got a reminder in my inbox today about applying for 2012-2013 student loans. Life is funny sometimes I guess.

My advisor told me to apply for the TA position next year, even though I’ll only be considered if none of the incoming students are chosen for it, or if the girl who has it now from my class gives it up for some reason (if her grades drop, she would have to give up the position, but I would never wish that on her! not even for full tuition!). But he’s sympathetic to my situation and I do have pretty good grades, so you never know. It couldn’t hurt to apply, anyway.

So let’s run down the positives:

– I can apply for the TA position since there’s no reason not to.

– I can apply for another fellowship for students “who intend a career in public service or government and will be working in a job or internship, paid or unpaid, for at least 15 hours a week.” I’m pretty sure museums are included in public service, so I think I qualify for the fellowship. It’s only partial tuition (about $10k total) but it’s more than nothing! And I can get it whether I’m full or part-time at school, so that’s great.

– There’s still a chance that the department will let me carry over my fellowship from this year and there’s a slight chance that they’ll give me even more funding than I have now, so really you never know what will happen.

I’m talking the financial aid office now about when I need to apply for loans to take summer courses. That’s my official plan — to proceed like I’m going back to full-time at work and down to part-time at school.

I’ve also talked myself into being more reasonable about my living situation post-alec. I’ve been looking at my ApartmentTherapy website, checking out how other people have made tiny apartments more cozy and homey. It’s totally possible! And it’s only going to be for another year anyway, so who cares if I’m living in a basement or a tiny apartment! It’s not like I ever have people over. And if I can live in a cheaper apartment in a safer neighborhood, then it’s a win-win really! I would like to spend as little as possible on rent, I’ve decided. It’s more practical. I’ve also been thinking about investing in a really good sleeper sofa. I’m not an IKEA fan, but they have a really great sleeper sofa that has storage for pillows and blankets underneath it, so that’s nice. Space-conscious, that’s for sure. ANYWAY, I’m open to whatever apartment so long as it’s a safeish neighborhood and is a good price.

And for god’s sake, I have GOT to stop complaining. It doesn’t make anything better, people have it way harder than I do, and it’s just unattractive. No whining, kiddos, no.more.whining.


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