Create-A-Day: Missy/Philly

January 30, 2012 § 1 Comment

Sometimes it’s funny to me how much can happen in one week, even in one day. Makes you wonder where to start when you try to update a person on your life, or in this case, a blog. We’ll start two weeks ago, when I took the train to Philadelphia to visit one of my oldest friends and one of my absolute favorite people: Missy. She’s pretty unusual, which of course is why I like her. My favorite people have an element of unpredictability in their characters which is endlessly interesting to me. Missy currently works in NYC (yes she commutes from Philly) in a photography gallery while she is figuring out what to do with her time while she anxiously awaits word from various med schools about whether they want her. It’s a tense time for her and it reminds me, somewhat painfully, of how I’ve felt the last two years, first when I applied to PhD programs (rejects all around) and later when I applied to Master’s programs (when I was accepted to GW). I know Missy is worried, but I just can’t bring myself to worry about her. She’s resourceful, resilient, and determined to do *something* with her life, so I know that no matter what happens she’ll be fine. And I’m worried I secretly don’t want her to get into med school because I think she has so much to offer the world in a more creative, expressive capacity. On the other hand, I really want her to be happy. No matter what happens, I am fully confident that she’ll be just fine whether she gets into med school or not. She’ll figure it out.

My visit to Philly this time was much more enjoyable than my summer visit last year. For one thing, taking the train is about 500 million times better than taking the bus. Absolutely worth the money, worth every damn penny if you ask me. So that made a huge difference. Also, even though it snowed 3-4 inches, sleeted, and froze over, I found the cold more enjoyable than the suffocating heat of the summer. Bizarre, right? Who knew you would ever hear that from me? Insanity. I also go to see a lot of Philly that I didn’t get to see last year, lots of little shops and their big market. I feel a twinge of guilt about not going to the museums, but come on, I can’t force everyone on the planet to take me to museums! And I really enjoy going to museums alone. I’m learning that more and more about myself.

Missy’s current apartment is somewhat odd in its layout and size (the living room is nonexistent, but the kitchen is a nice size and Missy’s room is huge!), but it’s in the most adorable little collection of houses. Totally picturesque and New England-y. Even cuter in the snow!

I’ve been trying to use my camera more and Photoshop less, so I took some shots of Missy’s room as a camera-learning-experience. I’m mostly happy with the results, although some of the photos are still kind of noisy. Almost all of these are SOOC and the few that aren’t were simply cropped or corrected for lens distortion. There are two where I edited out the edge of an object cluttering the photo, but everything else (lighting, contrast, etc.) is SOOC. I hope you’ll notice how incredibly creative Missy is. I love how asymmetrical and scattered her belongings are arranged, yet they still seem unified in some way. I’m so literal and symmetrical in my decorating and arranging. It gets boring. It’s so refreshing to see originality expressed in simple aesthetic appeal at the hands of one of my dearest friends. I hope you enjoy the photos!


the following photos are of a famous sculpture garden in Philly, made of found objects mainly but also mirrors, metalworks, etc. It was visually pretty overwhelming for me, but the snow helped see it a little better. Also, the garden has multiple levels, so we might go back and explore a bit more at some point in the future.

Another of my favorite things about Missy — she doesn’t mind stopping and waiting for me to take photos. It’s wonderful to have that. I wanted to take more photos, but I still get weird about taking photos in public. I’ll grow out of it. Maybe.


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