Create-A-Day: In the Dark

February 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Real shit weather we’re having in the nation’s capitol today. Rain, rain, rain. Oh yeah, and it’s supposed to rain some more tonight. Anyway, made for a dark, gloomy photo, but I really liked it. This was the first and only picture I took. Sometimes you just get it right the first time! I only cropped and resized it — I’m sure you can tell by the lack of smoothness of my skin how much I didn’t edit it. I am not a perfect human being, I do not have perfect skin. Fact o’ life, ya’ll. But I love the romance and mystery of the picture, and when my hair looks nice like this I’m *really* glad I didn’t cut it.


A little info about the outfit: this sweater (short-sleeve, royal purple cardigan) I’ve had since high school. It had these great, big buttons, but the buttons fell off. I think it started off with six buttons and now there’s just one. I guess I could just rip the last one off, but I still really like the button, so I leave it on. The dress is one of my ModCloth major sale purchases. ModCloth’s semi-annual huge sales pretty much structure my wardrobe. I spend about $100-200 every sale and I won’t pay more than $25 for any one item to try and keep my total cost low. This dress was $12, I think. It has the strangest pattern — yellowish green flecks on a navy blue background. Pretty hard to match things with, so I’ve just sort of gone with a random pairing of accessories whenever I wear it. Not sure if it works or not, but until summer, that’s going to have to do! I like summer because it’s hot enough to let short sleeveless dresses stand on their own. Not one of my favorite purchases, but it is a funky dress that I hope I will grow to love. It has a notched collar and a keyhole back. Plus it has pockets! My favorite.

In non-fashion-related news, I finally met with my advisor yesterday (our meeting was postponed a number of times because I was sick and sicker). He was incredibly supportive, which is exactly what I need right now — reassurance that I’m not totally ruining my life. He had some great ideas about how to frame my personal statement. He gave me terminology to use and suggested that I include my studio background, since he thinks that’s helpful to studying art history and also may give me an edge over the regular art history students. He also said I’ve done a lot in my one year in grad school, so that will help my application as well. AND the best part, to me anyway, is that he didn’t shoot down my Harvard/Yale aspirations. They’re such good schools and they would give me so many opportunities to teach and learn, I really want to try to get in to one or both of them. Pretty much everyone has told me up until this point that I won’t get in. It’s been incredibly discouraging, but I know that I haven’t been challenged in the programs I’ve done in the past and I know I have untapped potential that a rigorous program would realize, so I’m shooting high. I always shoot high. All he said was that I should be careful not to put all my eggs in one basket, which is good advice, and he also warned not to go to a nobody school because it won’t help me get a job. Emphasize my professionalism and delineate the career I want and how the PhD will help me get there. It was a good meeting and I appreciate him taking the time to talk to me and really listen to what I want.

So I’m feeling better about things as the days go on. It’s still weird telling people and I feel like I have to explain a lot, but everyone I’ve told so far has been really understanding and supportive, so all systems go! I’m looking forward to the development of the plans for the cottage I’ll be staying in on the family compound so I can get a mental image of what my life will be like in the country. And of course, I need to stay focused on the here and now: getting great grades (swish), not getting fired or quitting my job until June, doing well at my internship (we’ve got a show opening on Friday!), and trying to improve the school gallery as much as I can even though I won’t be able to follow through on a lot of things because I’m leaving. And I need to be saving money and planning my language courses for when I’m home. And I need to start dealing with Alec not being in my life. I think I need to redo my 2012 to-do list… that’s always a good place to start!


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