Create-A-Day: Face Fringe

March 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m getting pretty excited about going home. It’s important to embrace change, especially when you do it to yourself by turning your entire world upside down. I spent about two hours looking at original paintings today, which always makes me feel inspired to paint. I’m going to really try to do something creative a day once I get home, preferably a photograph, drawing, or small painting. I’m going to have to figure out how to juggle material costs, but I prefer painting on wood or paper, which should be easy to find around Dad’s workshop, or I can always go to Home Depot and just buy a big piece of plywood and have Dad cut it down for me (he won’t let me use the table saw because of the high risk of injury).

There’s also the possibility (very very tentative possibility) that I could try to sell my daily paintings on Etsy and at the craft shows my aunt goes to. But we’ll see. No need to jump the gun too much. It’ll be something just to start painting again.

Made a not-so-drastic change today: I cut face fringe! Oh boy. Hair changes. Love it. I’ve got two photos for you today that are actually the same photo but with different editing. I couldn’t figure out which one I liked better.

I couldn’t get the coloring to really work. This is too pink for my skintone, but the yellow dresser is spot-on, so I couldn’t figure out how to fix it without turning everything greenish. Also, I’m wearing dark lip gloss for the first time. The gallery where I intern is having an opening tonight, so I might take my lipgloss out for a test drive. Adults wear lipstick, so I want to try. Plus I found this new blog that I’m semi-obsessed with. The girl is only 14, but she dresses way better than I ever have in my life and her hair and make-up are spot on, including lots of different lip colors. Therefore, I must try. If a 14 yr old can pull it off, then I should be able to. I can’t believe I’m ten years older than her. Mind warp! I’ll be 24 in less than a month, which may exacerbate my life turning upside down this year. I had big plans for my life when I was a kid, and 24 was a major marker in those plans. I am not engaged, I am not in a PhD program, I am not an established artist in california, and I have absolutely no social life. Epic fail all around.

Whatever. Stop complaining. I have really cute furniture. And a whole lot of art. The frame I bought for my beloved cow print came in today, which is very exciting. It’s from Etsy of course, and is made of reclaimed barnwood, which I thought was totally appropriate since it’s framing a cow. The frame isn’t as well-made as I was hoping, and it didn’t come with proper backing (they used a piece of cardboard) or glass (too big to ship safely, 16×20), but it was only like $30 including shipping, so I’m not complaining! And it looks fantastic.

I kind of like it without the glass because you can really appreciate the texture of the paper and the details are easier to see (and photograph!) without the glare, but I know it’s not as safe to hang a piece without glass than with glass. So I’ll be buying some glass… someday.

I didn’t realize time was flying so quickly — must get ready for the opening! I’m still in my pjs (fail) and I was supposed to run some errands before the opening, so I need to get my ass off this couch and go!

Here’s the other photo edit. Like, dislike? Or just different.


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