Create-A-Day: Forever21

March 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

My huge order from Forever21 finally came in! I ordered 18 items for less than $200. Amazing? Absolutely. I have to send back the most adorable blazer because the lining wasn’t put in right on one sleeve. I checked and it’s out of stock online, but I’m hoping they’ll magically find one in my size because I *really* want the blazer, I just want to exchange my effed up one for a perfect one. 😦 Boo.

There’s also a skirt I got that is not at all the color it looked on the website BUT alec said he liked the color. It’s “camel” which is an orangey brown. I have one brown sweater in my closet and one dress with a little bit of brown in the design, but that’s it. I do have some brown shoes though… I don’t know. I can’t decide. The style is nice and it’s a wonderful, breezy, silky material. Hard to decide if I should keep it or not. I’m implementing a personal rule that I can’t keep things if I’m not 100% sure I’m going to wear it.

Everything else I bought was, I admit, pink or grey with the exception of four items: a teal shirt (gasp! teal!), a royal blue necklace that I am SOOO excited about wearing (they also have it in hot pink, so I might get that as well at a later date), a royal blue tee, and this ridiculously huge crackle finish teal ring. I’m wearing it around the house right now trying to get used to its weight and size.

Sorry, no make-up today! Alec and I got up at 7am this morning to take Nitelite to the vet. She’s got a UTI, very sad. I’ve had them a number of times, so I hate knowing how much pain she’s in right now. We’ve started her on antibiotics so unless something is seriously wrong, she should start feeling better in a few days. The vet asked me how I wanted the antibiotics, because apparently a lot of people opt for the liquid version since giving pills “is so hard.” -_- yeah. I’ve had so many animals in my somewhat short life that I can give a pill to any type of animal with no problems. The only time I ever had trouble was giving wormer to my horse because she’s just as stubborn as I am. She would refuse to swallow for like 30 min, until I got tired of standing around holding her huge, heavy head up, so the second I put her head down she would spit it all out. Giving a pill to a cat is easy peasy. ANYWAY, I was extremely happy with the vet clinic because they were all super nice and knowledgable. The vet explained absolutely everything to me, including next steps if she doesn’t get better and what the worst-case-scenarios are. The best part is they didn’t have a walk-in fee (I’ve been slammed with fees as high as $50 because I didn’t make an appt) and their exam fee is only $75! I walked out of there only having to pay $111. It was amazing. I will definitely be recommending them to the DC community.

Hah, the ring is SO HUGE. it’s like an egg. on my finger. I love it.

Also, I most definitely have an assignment due in, oh, 35 minutes. I’ve been procrastinating an unusual amount because it’s really pissing me off that I have an assignment due every Saturday, which basically makes my “work week” six days instead of five. MY WEEKEND SHOULD BELONG TO ME. dammit. sigh. so I’m totally bullshitting my way through this. Passive aggressive, maybe, but I’ve got a life to lead. And I’d much rather be watching the Office or taking narcissistic photographs of myself until my camera battery died and shut that down. Only got three photos out of it, so ya’ll will just have to take what you get!


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