Create-A-Day: The (Bright) Blues

March 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

Okay, so these pictures are pretty much crap because there were really bad train delays when I left work so Alec and I stayed downtown to get dinner, which means the sun was down by the time I got home. BUT I had on a cute outfit today, so I wanted to take some pictures AND my new favorite shoes came in the mail! When you’re excited about taking photos, you might as well do it, despite the crappy overhead lighting. I could have used Alec’s flash, but meh. I’m okay with not great photos tonight.

I am getting on the bright blue bandwagon. Not overwhelmingly, I just bought this bright blue tee and that blue necklace you guys have seen, but I am a big fan of the color. It adds a little pop to my blue, white, and pink wardrobe.

This is what I wore to work today. Comfortable, reasonably-stylish I guess, and I wore heels. These shoes are getting pretty worn out. DC requires so much walking, it’s hard to find shoes that will last very long. I’ve had these about 1.5 years now, so they were certainly worth the money I paid for them. It will be sad to see them go.

Ahhhh terrible lighting. Ah well. Anyway, I also wore my face fringe back in a little twist, which I thought was pretty cute and very easy. No one commented on it, but I figure it matters more how you feel about yourself than what someone says to you.

This is a terrible angle. Just couldn’t get good pictures today! This is such a great blazer, though. I really love it. It’s lightweight, which is nice for the weather we’re having right now — chilly in the morning and after the sun goes down, but I don’t have to wear it while I’m in the office or while it’s warm in the afternoon. It also looks good with jeans! Yay flexibility.

Annnnnnddddd my new favorite shoes! Oh my god, I love them so much. I debated for a while whether or not to get them because Alec isn’t a fan of wedges and I’m not a fan of brown, but I took a chance and it totally paid off. Technically, I took a chance before these on a different pair of shoes, which didn’t work out, so I got these as an exchange. So not all my gambles pay off (yes, I know I could just go to a shoe store and try them on, thereby removing any risk/chance/excitement, but I’m lazy and hate physically shopping), but this one did. I’m obsessed! And they’re really comfortable and a lot lighter than I thought they would be.

The jeans in this photo are from a very long (2 hours) shopping trip I did to H&M yesterday. I got a coupon for buy two pants, get one free, which was good timing because I just ripped my favorite pair of jeans (my thighs are trying to take over the world, basically) so I needed new pants anyway. I tried on pretty much every pair of pants in the entire two floor store and finally ended up with two pairs of jeans and a very risky pair of light pink trousers. I’ll post pictures later this week. I tend to shy away from light pants because of my cellulite and accident-proneness, but these were really cute and really comfortable, so I’m giving them a shot. Plus they were free! Woohoo.

The jeans below are “loose fit boyfriend” pants. Mostly they’re just comfy and casual and loose, so I got them for those reasons. I don’t normally wear jeans this light, but I figure I should get some good lounge-around-the-house jeans. Anyway, here they are with my bright blue top and my fantabulous new shoes!

And the necessary close-up! Sorry my feet are all puffy. We’d just gotten home and I’d been walking a while.

Sorry the lighting is so different. I need to stop apologizing for how bad these photos are. Just enjoy the clothes!


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