Create-A-Day: Mint Green with a Touch of Pink

March 14, 2012 § 3 Comments

Finally caught some sunshine! Gorgeous weather today. I worked until about 3:30pm then went to the National Gallery to see the new Picasso exhibition and the newly reopened and renovated French galleries. Photos coming your way soon! Unfortunately, I took all the photos on my iphone, so the quality isn’t great, but I’m still excited about doing an art post (or two… or three…). I didn’t get to spend too much time in the Picasso exhibition because the gallery closes at 5pm (I know, unbelievably early! wtf.) but I’ll go back. Also, my Picasso photos aren’t great because we weren’t supposed to be taking photos so I had to be sneaky. ::shrug:: I made it home before the sun went down so I snapped some pictures of what I wore today (I got lots of compliments at work, so I guess I looked cute!) and a pair of pants I got from H&M that I consider a risk, because they’re very pale pink and lightweight.

green blazer: really old, from Forever 21; mint green chiffon top: Modcloth; jeans: H&M (bought them on Monday! so comfortable); sandals….. gojane? maybe? they’re old and too big for me, but the new sandals I ordered haven’t come in yet.

These are the pink pants. They’re *really* pale, almost white as you can see. They’re a bit more pink in person though. SO comfortable, but they make me nervous because they’re thin (some spandex mix fabric, instead of denim or 100% cotton) and light (I spill…. a lot…..). I still have the tags on. Do you think I should keep them? Girls my size probably shouldn’t be wearing pants this thin. :/ At least in the thigh area.

Slightly different photo processing and the best shoes ever! Can’t wait to wear them out on Friday. Oh yesss.

I also thought I would toss up a photo on here of how Alexa looks while lounging around the house. Slightly different story…

So there you have it folks. Also, there you have all three of the pairs of pants I bought at H&M on Monday! Omg can’t wait for my new sandals to come in! They’re from Delia’s because they had a free shipping deal. I’m so cheap sometimes…

Lastly, I’ve started wearing a pair of vintage studs my grandmother gave me. I think I got them for my birthday last year? I can’t remember. Maybe when I turned 21. That sounds right. Anyway, they’re the most GORGEOUS diamond studs, which is why I’ve been afraid to wear them until now. They’re screw posts so I know they will stay on, but I just worry because they’re so beautiful and so special to me because they were hers. For big milestones I usually ask for family members to give me something of theirs instead of buying me something new or giving me money. It makes the gift more special, I think, and kind of roots the milestone in history, both my personal history and my family’s. I cherish these gifts. Actually, I cherish all the jewelry my grandmother that has given me that’s hers. I’ve got some great pieces from her! She has such great taste.

Be sure to look at the picture large so you can see the detail of the studs! So beautiful.


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§ 3 Responses to Create-A-Day: Mint Green with a Touch of Pink

  • You’re day sounds amazing! I am loving this outfit and pale pinkies! Great blog!

  • Style Connect AU says:

    I love that chiffon top! I want it in my wardrobe xx

  • dapperdolly says:

    Wow I can’t believe it closed at 5pm! How is anybody supposed to get there after work, doesn’t the rest of the gallery close at 7-7.30pm?

    I love the outfits! So cute, I like the way you layered the top and jacket, they work really well together and I like them paired with the White trousers the best.

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