Create-A-Day: Foiled By Weather… Again

March 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Weather forecast for DC today: 30% chance of scattered thunderstorms and a high of 78 degrees.

Reality: 57 degrees and drizzly all day.

Luckily for me, I’ve been screwed enough times by terrible forecasts that I tried to dress in a way that would keep me comfortable if in fact it did not get up to the 70s. Thank the lord for blazers! They really are fantastic. I’m sooooo glad I didn’t wear my new chinese laundry wedges today because I don’t think the rain would have been good for them and I ended up walking a lot more than I was expecting. I went with an old pair of sandals that are half a size too big. I really love their style because they are on the more professional side to sandals so I don’t feel weird wearing them to work, but because they’re just a bit too big, I trip on them a lot and the front edges of the sole by my toes are all torn up from me catching them on things so often. ah well. I ordered new sandals but there seems to be a problem with my order, so they haven’t shipped out yet. Thanks, Delia’s.

I didn’t wear a lot of make-up today either because I had a really terrible sleep and had trouble getting out the door. I woke up around 4:30am upset about work and my boss and couldn’t go back to sleep until 6:30am, then I woke up after alec left for work around 8:30am and I tried to get out the door by 9am because I had to go by school before heading to my internship at 11. ANYWAY, make-up didn’t rate high on the list of priorities so I’m a bit zombie in these photos. Apologies. I had to go by school to pick up the posters for the show I curated in the student gallery (see below!). I wanted to hang the posters today so that they would be readily available as students trickle back onto campus from spring break. I got it done and I have a few extra posters to take to work (and send home to my family… god, I’m a dork).

We had a pretty slow day at the gallery as well. I had some work to do but it was all pretty tedious and I got pretty bored. I had a lot of non-internship work I *really* need to do, but dammit, I’m an honest employee and can’t bring myself to putting my “official” work before my non-official (i.e. school, extracurricular, etc.) work. Sigh. Being a responsible human being can be really inconvenient. I’m too tired from my fucked up sleep to do much work tonight, so I’m planning on going to bed early and waking up early to try and pack in a lot. Basically I have to read enough of three articles and a book to write a response paper by 5pm tomorrow, write an essay for another show’s exhibition catalogue, and do a few drawings for tee-shirts supporting snakes as pets for an old high school friend of mine. All tomorrow. Then on Sunday I have to write another paper on readings I need to re-read since I read them over a week ago (and a lot has happened between now and then). I *really* want to do well on this paper because I’ve made B’s on all three papers I’ve written for her so far, and they were all really different papers so it seems like we’re just missing each other on what she wants and what I’m trying to give her. I met with her (my prof) on Thursday (wow, was it only yesterday?) so I’m hoping this paper will be more what she’s looking for, but I’m disappointed I really only have Sunday to write it. Technically, it’s not due until Monday at 5, but I have work all day Monday until I have class in the evening, so I don’t have time to work on it on Monday. I have to turn it in on Sunday. Bah.

So here’s my daily outfit post. I’m wearing my favorite old jeans that have a rip in the thigh. Normally I *hate* jeans with tears or holes in them, but I love these jeans so much and the rip is mostly tucked away. Maybe I could try to mend it…. but I’m not much of a seamstress. I wish I’d taken a picture of this outfit from the back because my pink shirt is actually longer in the back, even longer than the blazer, so from the back there’s this cute pink strip peeking out from under the gray blazer. I just think it’s a nice little element that adds something to the outfit. Next time!

Oh, and I impulse-bought these colored bobby pins when I was at H&M (did I mention how much I’m going to miss H&M when I move home? </3 ). I got them as a set of baby pink, baby blue, and silver. So cute!

I really need to learn to relax my toes when I’m taking pictures. I’m just so clumsy, my toes are constantly trying to cling to the ground in an effort to prevent me from tripping or falling. Alas.

[jeans: H&M; sandals: GoJane, I think; shirt: Modcloth; blazer: Forever21; earrings: vintage heirloom]

ALSO — shout out to my new followers! Thank you all so much! This blog is kind of a confused mess, but I appreciate you taking the time to read, or at the very least look at my pictures! 🙂


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