Create-A-Day: Face It

March 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

This was supposed to be a shoot exhibiting my current favorite rings. One is an heirloom piece my grandmother gave me for my graduation from college. The center diamond is from my great grandmother’s engagement ring. It’s easily one of my most precious possessions. The other hand has three gold rings that I adore. I jonesed for them for about a year on etsy then finally bought them. I really like them, but I haven’t gotten any compliments on them so I guess no one else likes them! Whatevs.

Turns out jewelry is really hard to photograph with it on someone. (Kind of like how I tried to photograph my heirloom earrings from my grandmother a few days ago and it didn’t really work with them on…) So these photos just ended up being of my face. Ah well.

I actually did wake up early this morning (well, not *early* but I did wake up at 8:30am in an effort to get things done) but I haven’t managed to do any schoolwork. I just really resent teachers for making weekly assignments due on the weekend! Because it means I spend Saturday and Sunday doing schoolwork, after a week of working, interning, going to class, and oh yeah, DOING HOMEWORK. It robs me of my “me” time. So I procrastinate all day and then try to do all the readings and my assignment in the three hours before my paper is due. I basically do this every week, even when I say “this time will be different, dammit!” I can be incredibly consistent sometimes, even in my procrastination.

I’m only wearing foundation, mascara, and a little blush, but I think it makes a *huge* difference. Especially when you compare these photos to the ones yesterday. Lordy…. I should always wear foundation! I really like this mascara, though I don’t wear it everyday because it’s not waterproof. It’s Lancome and very dark and dramatic.

I tried to balance out the coy photo above with this photo, which is a bit more confrontational. I feel like women can be subjects of visual art (painting, photography, etc.) without necessarily being submissive to the viewer. Sometimes it’s good to confront the viewer, especially if the viewer is male or if the image is constructed with a male gaze in mind. I like making viewers self-conscious sometimes. Like the other day I was on the train and this older guy kept staring at me, like looking at me head to toe and not in just a cursory glance kind of way. So I basically gave him the expression you see in the photo above, but a bit more stern, and I waited to look at him until he was looking at my legs and started back on his way up to my face, so when he finally got to my face he realized I was glaring right at him. Damn right he looked away. Merely confronting the male gaze can help prevent women from being objectified, I don’t know why women don’t do it more often. Ignoring being objectified just makes the male viewer think it’s okay and sometimes verbally responding just pisses everyone off or can lead to a more violent confrontation. Use your eyes, ladies, to combat their eyes! And you can add a head shake if you’re feeling particularly annoyed about being objectified. It works well.

Last photo isn’t confrontational, but I thought it was an okay photo so I wanted to post it. I processed the color balance slightly differently in this one as compared to the others, so I think it has a slightly different feel to it.

Thanks for looking and not objectifying! ::glares::



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