Create-A-Day: Casual Sunday

March 18, 2012 § 1 Comment

Had kind of a rough night last night and am still dealing with a back ache I’ve had for almost three days now, so today I’m more about easy and comfortable than stylish. We walked down to Eastern Market for lunch, but the weather still isn’t quite sure what it’s doing so I did wear a coat over this incredibly casual outfit. Loose boxy shirt (Forever21), loose boyfriend jeans (H&M), and the most ADORABLE crochet oxfords (Delia’s) made for the perfect lazy Sunday open. Paired the outfit with an older purse, I think it was from Lulu’s, that has navy stripes. I’m pretty much obsessed with my new oxfords. They do rub on one toe, but for walking about an hour today, they were really comfortable otherwise. They had them in white and bright coral, but I figured white was just silly and coral was a bit too bright, so I bought my first pair of taupe flats. So far I like them. Subtle, but adorable.

I need to start saving my money for the move this summer. The moving van alone will be over $700 and I’d like to buy furniture for the cottage since I’m letting Alec take most of the sitting/sleeping furniture we have now. I’ll need to buy a new bed (thinking about a day bed) and I would like to buy some sitting furniture, either a club/reading chair and ottoman with a loveseat or an armchair and a chaise lounge. I always thought chaise lounges are silly, but I’ve realized they’re kind of practical because they’re like a chair and a couch combined. I will be very short on space in the cottage, so I want to make sure I’m not overcrowding the place. That would lead to claustrophobia. I also want to pay off my credit card by the time I move home, but thus far I’ve done a terrible job. I know once I go back to full-time at work (May 1st!), I’ll be able to pay it off fairly quickly. I need to make a new monthly plan list for my wall to make sure I’m keeping everything in mind that I need to. There’s a lot to do before I move home!

I really need to get a new lens for my camera. The one I have is pretty old (5 years?) and worn out. You can really tell the difference between the photos I take with my camera and the photos I take with Alec’s. I have a D40 and he has a D40x, so I know it’s not so much a difference in the camera, but he has a fancy (ish) lens that’s much newer than my lens. Maybe if I get birthday money? Meh. It’s hard to justify a new lens when I don’t really do anything with my camera.

I don’t even want to talk about my birthday. I’m not ready to accept that I’m 24 and have done pretty much nothing with my life. I also don’t want to admit to myself that I’ve failed hugely in my teenage fantasies of what my life would be like by age 24. Sigh. Ah well. And now I’m starting over again, so who knows how I will feel when I turn 25 next year! Terrifying.!!!


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