Create-A-Day: Blue Monday

March 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Whew, lordy! It’s been quite the week and it’s only Monday. Also, I just want to say that those new oxfords I’m in love with are *not* nice. That’s not totally true… they’re really nice to one foot and really mean to another. My poor left foot has lost quite a bit of skin in the most unfortunate place — right on top of my second toe, where basically every shoe I own hits including flip flops, ballet flats, and tennis shoes. So I had wear these old sandals to work today (Chinese Laundry). They were super cute back in their golden years (hah, they’re silver, but you know what I mean) but now they’re very worn and a lot of the silver has come off so they’re just white in places. But they didn’t rub that spot on my foot, so I’m glad I didn’t throw them away months and months ago like I told myself I would. Hopefully my foot will heal soon so I can get back to regular shoes.

I wasn’t actually blue today emotionally, just kind of blase. Work has slowed down a lot so I’m doing odds and ends tasks now. Pretty soon things will be back to normal, though, I think. A few weeks maybe.

I like this dress a lot although it’s kind of weird. It’s sort of babydollish with its ruffles, empire waist, and poofy sleeves, and it has weird colors in it. I never know what color shoes to wear with navy, which is surprising because I have so much blue in my closet! I need more metallic sandals, I think. I bought it during one of Modcloth’s supercheap major sales, so it was worth the $15 I paid for it! And I do wear it at least twice a month. I really love this navy linen trench as well, although I can’t remember where I bought it. I think it’s a Modcloth sale purchase from a few years ago, but the details elude me. I didn’t wear it for a while because I was wearing it as a top and since it’s linen, it wrinkles easily and never lets go. Then I think I was going to wear it in the springtime, but spring last year was about a week. We basically went straight from winter to summer, so it didn’t get worn much. Happily, this year’s spring is easing in an inch or two at a time, so I should get to wear it more often.

Sorry these photos are so noisy! It looked like rain when I got home, so the photos were somewhat dark originally. I tried to lighten them, but alas, noise results!

Also, I wanted to point out my turquoise crackle ring! Today is the first time I wore it out of the house and I’d say it did pretty well. It’s clunky, so I took it off periodically throughout the day if it was getting in my way typing, but otherwise I got used to its size and weight fairly quickly. No one commented on it, but I think it’s cute, so it’s okay. And it brings out the turquoise in the dress, a detail in the pattern that is often overlooked.

I’m thinking I should go a bit more vamp on my nail polish next time. Coral blends into my skin tone so easily! Bah, goofy photos today, but you can’t win ’em all, I suppose! I’ll try to look less goofy tomorrow… And hopefully less tense. Jeesh.


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