Create-A-Day: Big Ol’ Flop

March 21, 2012 § 1 Comment

The closing reception was today for the show that was a total nightmare to produce. No one came to the reception. Well, that’s not totally true. Three of the artists came. Two other MA students came (only one from my year and she’s my closest friend in the program). My boyfriend came. Two Art History professors came (one of them is my favorite professor, though, so I am really glad he came!). Two fine arts professors came. And I think two random students I don’t know came.

The end.

Pitiful faculty turnout. Pitiful graduate student turnout. And the cherry on top is that the gallery’s faculty advisor didn’t even bother to show up. Seriously?!

So I’m pissed as hell. Obviously. I work so fucking hard for this stupid gallery and no one gives a shit about it, not even the faculty. The worst part is I shouldn’t even care because I’m leaving! But I can’t help but care, just like I can’t help but do a good job at everything I commit myself to (or obligate myself to). No one from work came either, but I guess I shouldn’t have expected them to.

At least I looked cute. I wore my favorite oxford pumps (and my only pair of brown heels that aren’t boots), a Forever 21 lacy top, my grey H&M blazer, and a pink Forever 21 skirt. My god I’m cheap. Anyway, had anyone showed up, they would have seen that I looked cute.

Honestly, I just don’t know why I even bother. OR WHY I CARE when NO ONE ELSE DOES. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. Sigh. GW is such a fucking joke sometimes. I can’t wait to get to PhD where the students and faculty will actually care. Someday.


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  • Cory says:

    One of the best lessons you’ll learn is to temper your passion and your expectations. I’m not saying I’ve learned how yet, but there’s something valuable in the pursuit, I think. What I’m saying is, never lose that passion; refocus or redirect the passion into art or love or ice cream. What I worry about (for you and myself, frankly) is that the effort to control the passion goes too far and one gets a little numb. So, yeah. Watch out for that 🙂

    I’m sorry this event went poorly. Ya look great and it sounds like you had some people who are important to you there. That’s more valuable than you may know.

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