Full Sweep

May 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m going to preface this with MY LIFE ISN’T REALLY THAT GREAT AND I DON’T FEEL THAT HAPPY AT ALL (because the last time I felt a seriously awesome elation I got robbed a few days later. the universe sure likes to keep its balance, so I’m being more careful this time).

But I will say that I somehow managed to pull a full sweep of solid A’s this semester! pretty exciting. I don’t think I’ve ever had a 4.0 GPA before (A-‘s are my bane!). And perrrrrfect timing since I’ll be applying to PhD programs this fall. I’m pretty damn proud of myself. I was prepared to accept a bunch of A-‘s, but I exceeded my own expectations! That’s rare, let me tell you. I try to set the bar pretty high for myself.

I also find it somewhat astounding that I pulled off a 4.0 even though this has been one of the busiest semesters of my academic career. I worked 24 hours a week, I interned one day a week, and I was president of the student gallery, which meant that I spent a lot of time stressing out and doing everything by myself because it’s like pulling teeth to get people to help out. Somehow I managed it all. I never missed paying a bill, I never paid rent late, and although I did miss a lot of school (I had perfect attendance last semester), it was only because of two funerals and a case of the flu, which I think are excusable.

Anyway, it feels pretty good to have one chapter of my life [mostly] closed. I’m going to try to talk to a few of my profs about PhD applications before I leave DC and I still need to do some work for the new Gallery 102 (we voted to rename the student gallery from Classroom 102 as a part of its relaunch with an entirely new structure, thought up by me and detailed in consultation with a few members of the faculty, staff, and student body) including curating the summer show, electing some undergrads to the new positions in G102, and trying to gather together instructions, materials, and information that will be used by the G102 Committee from now on.  So still some more school-related work to do (oh, and I have to take back my library books and pay off my fines or they’ll hold my transcripts. grr) but it’s good having the hardest stuff out of the way. And it’s awesome that I kicked its ass.

Moving forward…

I need to start sorting out my stuff. I already sorted out the big stuff between me and alec, but I need to go through my own stuff and really purge the stuff I don’t absolutely need or feel I must keep. This is a great time to really get serious about throwing stuff out, so hopefully I can get on that this weekend. I tend to be more productive when I’m not procrastinating, oddly enough.

I also want to start packing. I know it might seem a bit soon, but I don’t want to leave it all til the last minute and I’ll feel better once I get started. I bought colored tape so I can color code things according to whether they’ll be going into storage (which will be loaded first into the moving van) or whether they’ll be going into the cottage. I also want to color code for fragile things (of which I have a lot). I think art and kitchen stuff (I’m giving most of what I have to alec because he needs it and I won’t have a kitchen, but I am keeping some of my dishes, mugs, etc.) will go in the prius with mom and dad, so those will be appropriately color coded as well. I need to search on craigslist for some free boxes, though I have been hoarding a lot from all my online purchases. Specifically I need good book boxes. Man, I hate moving books the most. Well, books and my million pound giant vintage dresser. Hopefully with gravity on our side this time, it’ll be easier to move. :/

Can I just say how NOT excited I am about moving again? I’m getting seriously tired of moving. I’ve spent my entire life moving.

Birth. Tennessee. 1.5 years.

Connecticut. 2 years.

Georgia. 3 years.

Virginia. 3 years.

Alabama. 7 years (but I moved 4 times within the state).

Georgia. 4 years (again, I moved 4 times within the state).

DC. 2 years (I moved 2 times).

and I’m only 24. that’s 13 moves. and now I’m moving again. I’M TIRED OF MOVING. hopefully my last move for at least a few years will be when I start my PhD program. jeesh. I’m tired of packing up all my shit, even though I do love the excitement of a new apartment. Hopefully I’ll find one that I won’t want to leave in a year. I really like the apartment we’re in now in DC, but of course, I can’t stay here.

It will be SUPER nice, though, to have the freedom to put everything I don’t need in storage. That’s pretty awesome and should help with keeping clutter at bay.

Anyway, I’m starting to feel excited, not about the move, but about having my own private space without a tv. I really want internet, but I’m looking forward to not having a tv on all day, every day. And having free time to lay outside and read will be pretty fantastic. I need to put together a summer reading list. Any suggestions?


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