Create-A-Day: Just a Photo

May 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

This is actually kind of a new feeling for me, and an awesome one at that. I think this is the first time where I’ve ever felt like I couldn’t have done any better. In the past, if I got an A- (which I usually did because I’ve never had a 4.0 before, though I did get a lot of solid A’s) I would always grind my teeth about it thinking that I should have worked harder or done something better. I feel a complete relief now, with my first-time-ever 4.0 GPA, because I literally could not have done better. It’s an amazing feeling, especially if you’re a multi-tasking, crazy, sometimes overwhelmed perfectionist. I’ve accomplished a lot this year, even if you don’t some things as an accomplishment (quitting my job, quitting grad school, etc.). But I do. Every time I make a decision that makes my life better, I consider it an accomplishment. It’s been a big, busy year so far.



This photo was taken with my old iPhone 3GS which has a terrible camera, at least in comparison to the 4S. Alas. I really like the photo too, actually. It was kind of an impulse waiting-for-the-crossing-sign kind of snapshot, but I like how the geometric shapes of the sewer covers interacts with the pattern of the crosswalk, and the intersection of the covers with the broader design of the road. It’s grown on me!


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