Create-A-Day: They Get Attached

May 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

The girls get really attached to me when I’m home all day. I went out for about five hours earlier today for the first time in about three days and when I got home, they were both SUPER excited to see me. cause you know, they missed me. I think they just get used to having me around and when I leave after a few days of 24hr pet attention they get confused.

I’m currently waiting on my next temp assignment so it’s looking like I’ll have a free week! it means no money but it also means I can get stuff done because alec is at work. today I ran errands like going to the bank to deposit some paychecks, getting cash, returning all my books to the library (I split one of my suitcase wheels in the process. ::pouts::), paying off my library fines (whoops), meeting with the secretary at school to choose people for positions on the new student gallery committee, and stopping by my friend dena’s house to catch up for a bit on a dreary, rainy, muggy monday. I’m really going to miss that girl. wish I could have had more time to get to know her better. le sigh.

tuesday should prove just as eventful. I’m planning on taking my camera out and going to the mall, probably just to the museums but I might go down to the monuments by the basin.

wednesday I have big plans to get coffee with my friend kaitlin. she interns at the holocaust museum, which I will never be able to go into.

thursday thus far has no plans, but I’m sure something will come up.

friday I’ll be curating and hanging the junior/senior show in the student gallery. woot. thus concluding my involvement with the gallery! I hope.

how about some cute pet pictures. the fatty was happy when I got home (unusual! take note!) and cleo was, as usual, a touch camera shy. she pouted when I insisted on taking her picture.


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