Some Things Change, Some Things Stay the Same

December 31, 2013 § Leave a comment

So it’s been a pretty intense week or so, which is likely why my period is late. I worked… I honestly don’t even know how many hours last week. I kept accepting new, last-minute clients so it’s hard to keep count of my hours. Basically I was getting up at 5am every single day last week, leaving the house by 6am, walking dogs and sitting cats until 9am, working at the museum from 9am to 5pm, then petsitting until 9:30pm. Walk Asha, brush teeth, sleep, rinse, and repeat. The first two days I was like “I feel GREAT! I could do this all day!” but by Christmas day I was over it, feeling exhausted and like a zombie. I accidentally drank an entire bottle of champagne and passed out on the couch, waking up late to do my afternoon dog walks. Ah well. I needed the break and I definitely needed the rest. 

Some things change, some things stay the same. 

Last Saturday I went to pick up keys for a client from their leasing office. The office was supposed to be open at 9am but when I got there at 9:02am there was a sign on the door saying they would “return” at 10:00am. Normally, or at least in the past, I would have been absolutely livid, knowing that my morning was going to be spent waiting on people I shouldn’t have to wait for who were strolling in late to work out of laziness, like they weren’t negatively affecting anyone else. This day, though, likely because of my magical meds changing how I feel day-to-day, I just shrugged and decided to go check out my favorite thrift store. Accidentally left the house without a bra on (because I thought I would just be seeing cats that day and wouldn’t have a reason to take my jacket much less my shirt off) so I just tried on stuff without a bra which felt simultaneously liberating and incredibly awkward. I did get a good haul though, and I paid half-price for everything because it just happened to be a one-day-only 50% pre-Christmas sale. Fuck yeh.

Some things change, some things stay the same.

I made it through Hell Week but I did fuck up royally. It was bound to happen because there was a lot of chaos leading up to Hell Week. I’ve accepted extra responsibilities for my petsitting job doing the client and employee newsletters, holiday cards, thank you and birthday cards, etc. so I get a million emails from my boss a day anyway, plus with the crazy holiday schedules, I was getting emailed client info all the time. I don’t have time or reason to read those emails immediately, I usually just read them on the way to the client or once I get there. Turns out one of my client’s leasing office closed at 6pm (a lot of my clients live in fancy pants places with 24/7 desk service) so I couldn’t get the keys for when I was scheduled to see the cat. There was a lot of panic from the client and my boss, as both feared the office would be closed Christmas Eve (and of course Christmas day) so I wouldn’t be able to see the cat for three days, but it was alllll fine in the end. I got to the cat at 9am the next day when the office opened. 

But I was, as I always am, incredibly hard on myself for making the mistake. Was the mistake understandable? Absolutely. My boss kept trying to calm me down because I was so apologetic to him and to the client, offering to pay for the cat sit so he didn’t lose money (he credited her the cost, of course, because I fucked up), and I offered to stay with the cat longer or to do extra visits for free. He told me he wasn’t even mad because he knew this was my first mistake since I started working for him in September, and he knows my mistakes are few and far between. But I still felt wretched about it, beating myself up even though I completely understand why I made the mistake. Alas, some things don’t change. 

The money will be incredibly helpful as the paycheck from Hell Week (should be more than $600 even after taxes) will come right before my move back to Alabama in January (did I tell you I’m moving home? Because I am!), so it’s really great timing. 

Great timing has abounded with this move, really, kind of in an astounding way. I’ve been toying with the idea of moving back for a while, first thinking I would move in May, then wanting to move as soon as I got a job offer, then just over a week ago I decided I was just going to move without a job because 1. I’m really unhappy working at the museum and 2. it’s going to be a hell of a lot easier to get a job once I’m in Birmingham because it’s so insular and everyone wants to interview me in person rather than by phone. Within a week of making that decision, I’d secured my dream apartment, booked my moving truck for less than $400 including the car tow and a hand dolly, and listed my Dallas apartment on craigslist to sublet. 

Today a girl came to do a walk-through of the apartment and this evening we completed the paperwork at the leasing office to transfer the lease to her name. EASY PEASY. Ridiculously wonderful timing. She’ll move into my place the day after I move out. Also, she’s from Georgia. Not only that, she’s from Atlanta. NOT ONLY THAT, she used to live on North Druid Hills. Know who used to live on North Druid Hills? ME. HOLY FUCKING GOD IT’S A SMALL WORLD. Lordy… head trip. 

Anyway, things are working out perfectly for this move so far. Perfect apartment, perfect location, my Dallas apartment is totally taken care of, the moving truck is already reserved… all I need to do is find movers which has been surprisingly difficult to do but that’s likely because of the holidays and everyone is out of office. Will get back to it after the New Year when I return to work. 

My dickhead boss never even responded to my letter of resignation. He just forwarded it to his boss instead. Excuse my overdramatic eye roll. I’m hoping I won’t see or have to talk to him at all before I leave. I’ll miss the other interns but they’ve promised to visit so hopefully they will. I do have a guest room in the new place! So they’ll have to come visit. Just the favorite ones anyway. 😉 

Some things change, some things stay the same. 

It kind of amuses me that I make major decisions like quitting my job and moving to another state so quickly and easily. It also amuses me that I can arrange the move so quickly though perhaps not quite easily. I do harass people to get apartments and things, and I get pretty anxious until the move is over and the apartment is unpacked. Some people take a while to unpack, but I’m usually done within 48 hours including hanging art. I’m SUCH a nester (some things stay the same!) and I’ve been acquiring thrift shop and craigslist finds to stock the new apartment, which will be the largest place I’ve lived in to date. I’ll have a studio which is helllla exciting, but I need to get an art/work table and new supplies containers. I bought new placemats and a new set of dishes as well as durable/cheap wine glasses both with stems and without because I plan on having people over much more often now that I actually have a place that’s big enough to fit more than two people. I bought the most wonderful leather arm chair that I just want to curl up in all day every day. My adorable sofa seems neglected, but I can’t help it I love the new chair! I bought a great new rug for the living room as well, that I fell in love with because it reminds me of medieval illuminated manuscripts and trompe l’oeil flowers around the borders of pages in books of hours. I’m having difficulty deciding on a rug for the dining room and my bedroom. Ah, decisions decisions. 

These all may seem shallow and/or superfluous but I take great joy in my home, in it feeling like me, like I live here, like it’s a part of my life not just where I drop my shoes and sleep. I’m excited about the new place because there will be more wall space which means that not only can I hang more art, but the art will have more space to breathe whereas now it’s all very crowded and cramped on the walls. I could hang less of it… but that’s really tough. I have art, I want to see it (museums should take note!).

I’m so excited about moving back to Alabama. All signs point to this being the right choice and the perfect timing!

Am I overexcited and hanging onto hope of a better life somewhere else? Possibly. Some things change, some things stay the same. I always think the grass is greener on the other side… 

…but I have a funny feeling this time will be different.


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