February 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

Like every other girl on the planet, when I go through a major breakup or life change, I want to drastically change how I look to reflect my desire to be a different person. Of course, that’s not how the “Breakup Haircut” is marketed–as desiring to be a different person–but it’s the reality. Women always say things like “I’m doing this for me” and “I want to get back in touch with who *I* am.” Honestly, we just want to look different so we feel different, feel newer, fresher, brighter, prettier, less damaged.

I’ve really been hankering for a change. I’ve thought about doing a short cut for years, but I’ve hesitated because I heard guys feel like they have a dude on their dick when a girl with short hair is giving them head. Apparently that’s a turnoff for straight men so I’ve kept my hair pretty long just in case they ever look down or roll over or whatever and think “shit, my girlfriend looks like a guy.”

I’ve thought about just cutting bangs again or even lightening my hair, but that doesn’t seem dramatic enough for how I need to feel right now. A big cut seems long overdue, but I’m very attached to my long locks… People tell me I have beautiful hair and I’ve gotten rather attached to it (har har), but am I hiding behind it? Isn’t now the best time to really do something crazy with my hair? If I hate it, it’ll grow out… eventually.

I’m worried too because I’ve got strong features, so my face might look bulky with short hair. My body, too, has gotten incredibly bulky, so I don’t want short hair to make it look like my head is tiny on my currently overweight body. Pinhead, I think, is the term. I guess I could baby-step it, cut it off to chin-length and see how I feel with it that short, then proceed to chop off more if I feel okay. Or is baby-stepping wimpy? I’ve cut my hair off to chin-length before with mixed reviews (one time I loved it, one time I hated it, one time I couldn’t decide how I felt), so shouldn’t I take the plunge and go pixie? It’s just hair, kiddo, who the fuck cares, right?

But appearances are important. It’s important for me to feel good about myself and if a haircut will make or break that (which it will), I should take care in deciding what to do. And by “take care” I mean I’ll sleep on it and tomorrow I’ll know what will be best. The only thing I *really* don’t want to feel right now is regret because hair takes a long time to grow out, especially when you’re used to having it as long as mine.


edgy, asymmetrical, pixie cut. I may seem ballsy sometimes in the decisions I make but dammit if I’m not a huge ass pussy when it comes to fucking with my hair. I love this cut (my friend Kerrilyn basically has the same cut, only hers is more dramatic) but I’m not convinced I’m ready for that just yet. certainly looks awesome in the picture, though!


boringggg. this is basically what I’ve had for years. makes me look younger too (if I get asked ONE MORE TIME what I’m studying in college, I’ma kill somebody. I’VE BEEN OUT OF COLLEGE FOR YEARS.).


this might be the best compromise.


or this. they’re basically the same haircut. deep side part, cut at my jaw line or an inch below my ears. has more style flexibility than a pixie and would let me test the short hair waters which, for a mid-back long hair girl like me, are pretty damn treacherous.

But I’ve been feeling like absolute shit lately so if a dramatic hair change is something that will help me feel even incrementally better, I have to try it. I’m desperate.

Besides, think how much I’ll save on shampoo and conditioner with 3/4 less hair.


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