March 22, 2014 § Leave a comment

I’m spending the weekend basking in the glorious warm rays of hope. Helps that the weather is equally glorious and warm.

My interview went really well, but since Komen turned me down after a two hour interview, I can’t bring myself to feel very confident that I’ll get the job. Not shitting you, though: this job seems like it was specifically designed for me. This would really get me on a solid career path because I think I could make the position grow with me, letting me stay for 5-10 years here, and I think I would do really well there.

I’m also daydreaming about actually having money in the bank. Even if they give me $5,000 less than I asked for, I’ll still be able to easily pay rent, pay bills, get a handle on my student loans, buy a used car, and put food on the table. I’ve been doing some research on what kind of car I want (I’ve never actually had a choice about the car I drive, so it’s a pretty big decision!) and I’ve got a little used car picked out for under $10k. We’ll see if it’s still available if I get a job offer.

I’ve got other plans, too, though. If I get this job, I’ll have the money to join the Junior Patrons at the art museum and at VSA Alabama, which brings art to children and adults with chronic illnesses and disabilities. I’d also like to join the Junior Board at Hand in Paw, an organization that provides services for animal-assisted therapy. It sounds like a lot, but really it’s just a 2-10 hours a month. Hardly anything!

I’d also like to start saving some money for a Europe fun trip as well as a Habitat for Humanity or other humanitarian/aid trip to Sri Lanka, Brazil, or somewhere else. I’ll probably just do the cheapest trip out of the country, go build some houses or dig some wells or construct some schools for a couple weeks then come back. I’m ***hoping*** that I can do two trips a year of two weeks each, one trip that’s humanitarian and the other that’s personal. We’ll see what happens. I’d have to be real smart with my money (unless they pay me what I asked in which case I’ma make it rain erry day) because for both trips I’d probably need to save up about $10,000 total each year. Hahaha saying that in text just makes me laugh. Like a crazy person.

This all sounds a bit much, doesn’t it? I realize that, but I’ve spent the last twenty years of my life feeling exhausted, anxious, and depressed so now that I actually feel good I’m ready to make up for the lost time. I’ve spent so little time volunteering, I think I’m way past due for giving back to my community and helping other people. I’d like to tentatively investigate some volunteer opportunities for helping other people with depression, but I think that’s in the distant, rather than immediate, future.

This weather (mid-70s, sunny, light breeze) is my absolute favorite. Lazing around my apartment in a tank top and shorts with the windows all wide open… I just love it. That’s why I knew this apartment was for me — the deck, the huge windows, all the natural light with the perfect corner unit to catch every breeze. I’m going to have to install some kind of doggy-friendly screen for the back deck so that Asha can come and go as she pleases without letting every single Alabama monster mosquito inside. She loves laying out there, lazing in the shade and trying to catch the occasional bee. Thankfully she hasn’t managed to catch one yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Mia wants to be inside with me, of course, but that’s fine too. I just wish I had a bigger couch sometimes. Well, lots of times. Maybe one day.

I took the girls to Railroad Park today since the weather was so wonderful. I’m not going to lie… it was tough handling both of them by my lonesome with all the excitement and many distractions of the park. We did okay but I got tangled lots and lots of times in the two extendable leashes. They didn’t run around as much as I thought they would so lesson learned I guess. They both passed out in the back seat on the short ride home and then napped for the rest of the afternoon. Mommy was a very happy lady!

I walked them over to Good People but couldn’t bring myself to go in. It’s such a natural thing to do–go to the park, get sweaty and tired from the sun, then relax at GPB and drink a cold beer–but I’m still not ready to reclaim that space as my own instead of mine and Mark’s. Maybe next weekend I’ll be up for it.

I’ve also made the discovery that it’s fucking impossible to delete your Match.com profile. I think I successfully hid it so I’ll stop getting irritating messages from guys I have zero interest in, but I can’t actually delete my account which is frustrating.

They should put this on the front page of their website:


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