April 19, 2014 § 1 Comment

Why yes, I did just wake up at 4am pouring sweat having a panic attack about my financial situation, despite the anti-anxiety and sleep meds I’m on. That is my current situation. 

Bills are piling up, my credit card has $40 left on it, my new credit card hasn’t come in the mail yet, Asha needs to go to the vet (ear infection, heartworm test, rabies booster, flea/heartworm treatment), I have to drive to Tuscaloosa to return some anti-abortion signs I swiped so I won’t get arrested (no really, those douchebags are going to press charges over three cardboard signs), rent is due soon along with all the other bills I have to pay on the first of the month on top of the bills from this month that I haven’t paid yet… things are a disaster as far as money is concerned. 

My interview could not have gone better yesterday. I really think I hit it out of the park, plus I was there for two hours, so I think she really liked me. 


She’s interviewing like ten people, so I don’t have a clue where I rank within the group and because she’s interviewing so many people, she said I probably wouldn’t hear anything from her for a couple weeks. I’m hoping I was so great in my interview and that all my references will come through (please god) that she’ll want to hire me sooner than May, but hoping hasn’t gotten me anywhere this last year. 

I’ll follow-up with my employment agency recruiter person on Monday to see what the status is on getting my resume out to companies looking to hire, but she told me it’s kind of a long process (sending out resume, waiting to see if they want to interview me, interviewing, waiting to see if they want to hire me) so that doesn’t really do me any good in the short term. 

I will be returning to work at the leasing office on Monday but I don’t expect to make much money because so far I haven’t made any despite working my ass off. 

I applied to a restaurant as a hostess which would put money in my pocket the fastest, but if they see my resume, they’ll see that I’m not going to be around long and I’ll have to fib about wanting the job for a year to get them to hire me. Ick. I also messaged one of the new breweries to see if they were hiring bartenders, but I don’t want to get hired and work for a month before quitting because then I couldn’t go back to the brewery… Bah. 

A temp agency would really be the solution to all of my problems, but alas, none of the ones in Birmingham will call me back. So now I’m frantically searching for temp agencies in town and applying to all of them… on Easter weekend… at 4:30am. 

Frantic is a good word to describe how I feel right now. Seriously frantic. I *hate* worrying about money more than I hate any other source of anxiety in my life. One day, I seriously hope I won’t have to worry about money. One day, I hope things will be better.


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  • alexalhayes says:

    and Mia has started wetting the bed in the last week or so, and apparently wet the bed sometime in the last 30 min. so now I have to take my comforter to the dry cleaner or a laundromat because it won’t fit in my washer. sigh.

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