Don’t Jinx It, Kiddo

June 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

This is going to be a quick post because I’ve got an asston of shit to do today. 

1. I’ve gone on two dates now with the most AMAZING guy. I really think we’re a great fit because he’s incredibly talented, intellectual, active, and independent. He owns his own house, has multiple projects going all at once (he’s a freelance writer for the newspaper, in a successful Birminghamfamous band, and works full-time as an electrician), is an animal lover with a passion for shelter pets, is relationship-oriented and a gentleman, cooks for himself, AND…



wait for it



wait for it




I mean, honestly, it’s some kind of crazy cosmic shit that I would not only enjoy the company of someone my own age but be interested in a serious relationship with someone my own age. I’m trying to play it cool with him (plus I have a lot of my own shit going on to distract me) but I’m super excited to see where this goes. 

2. I’m actually starting to run out of things to volunteer for and have been turned down a couple times for events because they already have enough volunteers. I need to start planning ahead more to make sure I keep my schedule full. 

3. I’m teaching a two week summer camp for children at Space One Eleven, a local gallery and art center that I adore. Camp starts on Monday but I just found out yesterday that nothing has been planned for it so I have to frantically put together the projects, materials list, and equipment setup for the camp by Friday. Eek! 

4. I helped (more like forced) Dad clean up his woodworking shop because I’ve got a number of projects lined up. He’s going to be gone for most of the summer starting today, so he said I can rearrange the shop however I’d like since I’m the only one using it. But since he’s gone (and will be on the Appalachian Trail for about two months), I’m pretty much on my own to put my projects together. I likely won’t even be able to get in touch with him if I hit a major problem or issue with the wood or power tools. That’s okay though, I’m used to being on my own. And since mom will be with him (bless her heart!) she won’t be able to hover around and worry that I’m going to chop a finger off, haha. Aw, bless her. 

Things I’m working on: 

– Finishing up an ottoman I’m rehabbing. Picked it up on the side of the road, it smelled TERRIBLY of cat pee so I ended up taking the whole thing apart and saving only the frame and feet. No biggie — Dad and I made a top for it so I just need to put on all the padding, screw the top onto the frame, and upholster it! it’s as good as done. 

– Making a floor-to-ceiling slat shelf for my shoes from old pallets. There are three pallets in the parental’s yard already, so I need to take a good look at those and see what can be salvaged, take them apart, and put the boards in a dry, sunny spot so they can dry out enough for me to work with them (some of them have been sitting in the grass for a while). If they aren’t enough, I might just mix and match with old scraps of wood and 2x4s. should be a very easy operation, though. Shouldn’t take more than a day to put the thing together. 

– My biggest project is building a new 3’x6′ dining table. Dad is (rightfully so) insisting I use a Stickley design (Dad’s favorite woodworker, a famous American carpenter in the late nineteenth, early twentieth century who perfected the Mission style within the Arts and Crafts movement) which is fine, but it’s more complicated than simple glue and hammer shit together. Lots of carefully-made joints and well-balanced designs. I want to adapt his dining table design to be a bit more elegant than the rustic, masculine effect of his work, but that shouldn’t be too hard since Dad has every tool I could possibly need. I was reading yesterday about how Stickley cut curves in his boards and it’s as simple as drawing the design well and using a bandsaw. Easy peasy! Plus I think I can use the band saw for most of the tenon pieces and Dad’s square drill press for the mortices. I’m going to distress the crap out of the top boards which should be fun! And should look great once everything is assembled and stained. I’m super excited about this project but getting all the boards might be a challenge since Dad wants me to use white oak (which Lowe’s and Home Depot don’t carry). Better to do it right, though. 

So that’s pretty much what I’ve got going on! I’m trying to clean my apartment this morning but so far it’s going reallllllllly slowly. It was just so clean too! Funny how that happens. Le sigh. Back to the grind! Hope you all are having a fantastic week!


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