June 6, 2014 § 3 Comments

I jinxed it. he was too good to be true and I’m way too fucked up for anyone to commit to. who cares, it’s friday.


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  • Nancy Hayes says:

    It’s NOT just you. No such thing as jinx.

  • Nancy Hayes says:

    Here’s my working draft:

    I will be an inspiring person. I will encourage others by supporting them and helping them, by learning about their lives, interests, talents, and passions. I will always give others the benefit of the doubt, giving them a chance to explain themselves and being compassionate towards them, validating their feelings while asserting my own. I will accept people as they are and will appreciate diversity for it is the spice of life. I will be curious about other people, not judgmental. I will try to brighten the day of everyone I meet, even if it just means holding a door open or giving someone a big smile. I will be patient and remember that not everyone thinks at my speed. I will not be competitive; instead, I will try to help others meet their goals as I pursue my own. I will try to do nice things for other people on a daily basis but especially on birthdays and holidays, or when they are having a tough time or a bad day. I will be patient with myself and accept that I will never be perfect. I will embrace my stage of life and find happiness in my daily activities. I will forgive myself for making mistakes, no matter how big or how stupid. I will seek to help others always.

    I will love the body that I have and appreciate its unique qualities. I will love who I am because I know I am a good person.

    I will live my life and love my life because I am alive for the first time, alive for the last time.

  • Troy McCabe says:

    What happen ?

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