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August 12, 2014 § Leave a comment

It’s been a tough few weeks as far as stress levels are concerned. Jason didn’t get into graduate school because he forgot to send in one form. A tiny detail that’s keeping him from his future. His advisors recommended that he retake the GRE in preparation for next time, just to make sure 100% that he’ll get in. And obviously since he’s got me now, he’ll turn in everything ultra early and won’t miss a single form, transcript, post-it note. The declination did result in a pretty unhappy, stressful few days but now we’ve got a game plan moving forward, so I think he feels better.

He’s away for the week earning some certification that will help him in the Peace Corps. I should know what it is…. SIFAS or something like that? Anyway, it’s at the Global Village about 2 hours from anything including cell reception. Considering we spend every night (and non-work moment) together, it’s been somewhat of a shock to the routine to not have him here so I’ve been a little off this week already. Matters are worse because we haven’t been able to communicate much since he has to go about a mile outside of the village to get cell reception and as we found out last night, he doesn’t get enough reception to hold a call longer than 30 seconds. The most I’ve gleaned is that the village looks cool but he’s having a shit time because the program is super tedious. Naturally, the girlfriend in me is pacing the floor in anxiety knowing my sweet man is unhappy and I can’t even talk to him about it.

In addition to Jason-related stresses as listed above, I am suffocating under serious money stress. I just started a new job that’s not enough pay and not enough hours but surprisingly I do actually enjoy it. It’s easy for the most part and the people I work with are great, plus I get a free meal every day which is a lifesaver (literally.). But it’s not enough to pay the remaining rent I owe, the bills from last month and this month that never got paid, and of course rent for September that is speeding towards me faster than a bullet train. I haven’t had luck with any “big girl” (salaried + benefits) jobs but do have an interview for a part-time job at the Humane Society on Thursday that will likely turn into another low-paying job that might just get me to rent. The Humane Society is a kill shelter, so I probably won’t be able to last long there anyway, which is fine because I need weekends free so Jason can drag me to Auburn for football games once the season starts back. There’s a job I’ve applied to that’s also part-time but pays a lot and would be an AmAzInG opportunity, plus it would really boost my Peace Corps application. So, cross your fingers for that. If I could get that job and keep my current one, I think I’ll be a decently happy camper for the next few months at least.

Now that I’m without Jason and it’s just me, the girls, and my serious financial situation stress, I’ve been sleeping like shit, plus my volunteer schedule is kicking into overdrive so I’ve got extra stress for that. The result? Really shitty sleep. Know what really shitty sleep + serious stress and anxiety equals in Alexa world? GETTING SICK. In case you don’t recall, I have a permanent infection deep within my tonsils where antibiotics can’t reach. The only solution is to take them out, but of course, I don’t have time or money to do that. Recovery time is what, two weeks for adults? I would probably only take one week, but still. It has to be put off for a while so now (since college/grad school), I get sick from that same infection whenever I have that awful combination of stress and bad sleep.

I’ve been trying to take it easy today, relaxing with the girls after work and binging on Law & Order: SVU (cause that’s healthy). I don’t really feel any better but I might tomorrow. Hoping I can sleep better tonight, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. Haven’t managed to do anything productive around the apartment, which is a fail, and am currently using tissues as a substitute for the toilet paper I ran out of days ago. I should try to pay at least one bill this week. I’m not sure which one. Health insurance? I can’t even remember what’s due when and what I actually paid last month. I should check on that… tomorrow, maybe. When you have no money, it doesn’t really matter when your bills are due.

Still haven’t heard from Jason, but trying hard not to worry… I’m such a worrier though, it’s a tough life to lead. I should probably write some job applications tonight but I’m just so sick of resumes and cover letters, I might take a few days off. It’s not like there are any really exciting opportunities out there right now anyway.

Till next time…


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